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whipped butter with eel and bread
160.00 UAH
grilled padron peppers with furikake and lime
210.00 UAH
batata chips with furikake
150.00 UAH
grilled olives
160.00 UAH
guacamole with wasabi, yuzu sauce, white sesame and flax chips
250.00 UAH
edamame with Maldon salt
160.00 UAH
edamame in tomato glaze with Maldon salt
210.00 UAH
japanese rice balls with eel
280.00 UAH
BlueFin tuna sashimi in JpnHi-kimchi sauce
670.00 UAH
tuna sashimi in JpnHi-kimchi sauce
300.00 UAH
salmon sashimi in JpnHi sauce
270.00 UAH
japanese rice balls with shrimp
240.00 UAH
kimchi tofu in tempura
190.00 UAH
shrimp in tempura with togarashi, furikake and homemade unagi
280.00 UAH
green salad with hiyashi wakame, edamame and avocado
250.00 UAH
salad with crispy salmon tataki
370.00 UAH
salad with langoustine, mango and kimchi sauce
380.00 UAH
roll with salmon, cream cheese, cucumber and unagi
410.00 UAH
roll with eel, cream cheese, cucumber and truffle unagi
460.00 UAH
california roll with salmon, cucumber, cream cheese and masago caviar
440.00 UAH
futomaki with tuna, salmon, shiitake, cucumber and jpn hi sauce
420.00 UAH
roll with tuna, cucumber, avocado, masago caviar and spicy sauce
450.00 UAH
tamago roll with salmon, eel, avocado, cream chesse, spicy yuzu sauce and unagi
480.00 UAH
roll with fried tofu, shiitake, avocado, cucumber and cashew sauce
320.00 UAH
bonito roll with eel, smoked oilfish, katsuobushi, cream cheese and homemade unagi
420.00 UAH
roll with salmon, crab, cream cheese, avocado, tarragon foam and kimchi sesame
480.00 UAH
roll with crab, eel, avocado, cream cheese and homemade unagi
540.00 UAH
hosomaki with cucumber, sesame and yuzu
90.00 UAH
hosomaki with avocado
130.00 UAH
hosomaki with Norwegian salmon
230.00 UAH
hosomaki with tuna
250.00 UAH
hand roll with salmon, tobico caviar and hot sauce
200.00 UAH
hand roll with eel, spicy aioli, tobiko caviar and chives
220.00 UAH
set 1.1
1150.00 UAH
set 1.2
1150.00 UAH
set 2.1
1550.00 UAH
set 2.2
1550.00 UAH
set 3.1
1675.00 UAH
set 3.2
1675.00 UAH
nigiri set
625.00 UAH
miso soup
150.00 UAH
miso soup with shrimps
190.00 UAH
miso soup with octopus
320.00 UAH
nigiri with salmon and homemade unagi
100.00 UAH
nigiri with broccoli in tomato aioli
25.00 UAH
nigiri with langoustine and mango salsa
105.00 UAH
nigiri with escolar and daikon-yuzu puree
95.00 UAH
nigiri with BlueFin akami tuna
190.00 UAH
nigiri with tuna
110.00 UAH
nigiri with eel and truffle ponzu
125.00 UAH
main dishes
don with shiitake and shimeji
290.00 UAH
don with chicken
240.00 UAH
don with salmon
390.00 UAH
new onigiri with smoked salmon
140.00 UAH
onigiri with spicy eel
170.00 UAH
katsu-sando with chicken
340.00 UAH
katsu-sando with shrimp
395.00 UAH
dorado marinated in sake and mirin
480.00 UAH
grilled octopus with new potatoes
580.00 UAH
add to the dish
french fries with truffle unagi
120.00 UAH
seaweed salad
150.00 UAH
japanese cotton cheesecake
220.00 UAH
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